What is security?


Security is the basic and integral need of any industry and the laxity to achieve it into sense can lead to disasters. There exists a rapturous optimism among ourselves that dangers and emergences are just meant for our neighbors and not for us. We deleberitley just like to forget the truth that untoward incidents can strike anywhere without giving any prior notice. We are forgetting the facts that a stitch in time can save nine and a pro-active security agency with proven track record can seal off possible threats

Who is Prahari?


We Prahari Security Services can act as a custodian in your emergencies thus by systematically safe guard your assets and lives. Armed with requisite Govt. recognisation, Modern methodology and latest gadgets we are all set to give peace of mind to all of our security conscious customers by serving them with dedication and integrity.

Our speciality


Prahari Security Services is a renowned Security Guard Agency of Prahari . We provide a wide range of services that include static security guards services, provision of martial arts trained bouncers, and bodyguard services, electronic security amenities and uniformed security guards for various events among other customized facilities. Our Security Guard Agency is famous in all regions of Kolkata, and their highly professional services. Our management is farfetched as we provide a fleet of security guards in Kolkata and other open areas for huge events.